1. May

What a wonderful day it was today.

It started quite overcast with little hope for some sun, but at around noon, the clouds started to disappear and I could make out the sun and life just suddenly began to start outside of my window.

Of course, what can you do when the weather is great and you feel like you need to go outside? You go outside! :)

Wiesbaden has a lot of really nice places so I started to walk down the streets to the park and boy, it was awesome. Kids playing, teens flirting, rabbits… rabbiting and so on. As I made my way through the park I felt that this cannot be enough and so I decided to go a little hiking up to the Neroberg. From up there you have a great view over Wiesbaden but that´s not what I was hoping to do there so I continued my walk and took a path through the forrest. It is just wonderful and the air was so clean that I immediately felt like I am twice as strong as usual. So after a good 3 hours walk through the forest I decided that it would be a good idea to walk home and relax a bit. Relaxing means going through the pictures and hoping that there are a few keepers.
I believe I found some and hope you enjoy these impressions:

1mai9 Wanderung1Mai 1mai10 1mai11 1mai2 1mai3 1mai4 1mai5 1mai6 1mai7 1mai8

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